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Player: Stark
Character: Shin-Ah
Current Canon Point: 109
Updated Canon Point: 13--

Updated Background:

Updated Personality: Since his encounter with the ghost of one of his Seiryuu ancestors during the Lush Forest arc in chapter 108, Shin-Ah has grown somewhat more comfortable in travelling with just a bandage over his eyes rather than his mask. Following this, while he still isn't the most vocal among the Happy Hungry Bunch he has started verbalizing his thoughts and needs very coherently and even eloquently. Of particular note here is the topic of Soo-Won, where Shin-Ah explains to Kija that he has a difficult time raising a sword against the man because his eyes are similar to Yona's. The words and phrases Shin-Ah chooses are still simplistic, but they're pointed enough to get his meaning across.

Additionally, he's started making small talk with Hak over mundane topics, like the weather, and he has taken to tagging along with Zeno's particular brand of zaniness with even a few hidden laughs of his own.

Beyond this, however, Shin-Ah is understanding the fragility of their existance as the Dragon Warriors of Kouka. During the affairs leading to their imprisonment in Xing, Shin-Ah was among the first to jump to Zeno's protection multiple times-- both when Zeno was caught in the inferno that was intended to cover an assassination attempt on Xing's younger princess, Tao, and when the Dragon Warriors were helpless to defend themselves against the Five Star Warriors of Xing for fear of catalyzing a war with Kouka. Despite his earlier misgivings, Shin-Ah was ready and willing to use the powers of his Dragon Eyes-- a power he has up until this point done everything he could to avoid using it-- for the sake of the people he had come to call his family.

During his imprisonment he openly declared that he would fight, and he would use his Eyes, if the rest of their travelling party are threatened again. However, he has yet to fully understand the dangers that using his particular powers would put him in regarding the political situation in Xing. When Shin-Ah asked why Zeno had stopped him before their capture, Zeno explained that it was because Xing as yet knew nothing of Seiryuu's powers-- and that it would be wise to keep it this way.

Updated Abilities: No real update-- although Shin-Ah is slowly gaining more of an understanding of what the nature of the Dragons are in Kouka. This is partly in thanks to both his encounter with his ancestor and his experiences with people on various sides of the ongoing conflict.

Other: N/A.

Questions: It's worth asking, but at this particular canonpoint Shin-Ah does not have his trademark mask and headdress with him. Would it be possible for him to have them in game, or is that something he would need to regain?
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Player: STARK


Canon Point: CH. 108

Alignment: SOSYN

Date of Entry: 01/05/2017

Age: 18
Birthday: 1/3
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Amulet: A crescent moon
Tall, with the lean, lithe build of a trained martial artist with years of experience. He wears heavy clothes that would be more suited for the chill of deep caverns than the heat of a summer, and it is rare to see him without his trademark mask. The few times he does go without the mask, he prefers to hide his eyes behind a blindfold...although the few who have seen his face would say that he's rather handsome and his eyes are the most lovely sight they've encountered.
Contact: [plurk.com profile] starkxravingxmad

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
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Jan. 5th, 2017 09:26 am
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Let me know how I'm doing with Shin-Ah! Anon is on and IP logging is off.
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Player: Stark
Contact: [plurk.com profile] starkxravingxmad
Age: 28
Current Characters: Pidge Gunderson | [personal profile] ramblingly


Character: Seiryuu Shin-Ah
Age: 18
Canon: Akatsuki no Yona
Canon Point: The end of chapter 109

Background: Link to Wiki Page

Personality: One of the primary words that was used to describe Shin-Ah in the days before all of the Dragons were gathered in one group was Quiet-- for, truly, the young man who was raised in effective isolation in the darkness of the caverns deep within Kouka's territories was nothing if not quiet. The legacy of Seiryuu, the Blue Dragon, that was passed down through his village over the many, many generations that had passed since King Hiryuu's time had painted the bearer of the Dragon Eyes as a monster who could turn anyone to stone with a single look. Though the rumor was false, the young child who would eventually be called Shin-Ah learned that there was no amount of words that he could use to change the perspective of the people in his village. Kind though he was, with an earnestness to do what was right and make friends with the other children in the village, the fear that was instilled in the villagers by the false rumors about the Dragon Eyes was too deeply embedded in his village's culture for his gentle demeanor to surmount-- and, despite the teachings of his predecessor, who had come to be called Ao, the young Seiryuu didn't fully understand how little his words mattered to the village elders until after Ao's death.

But, despite spending much of his formative years in silence, not knowing when to speak up or if he was even allowed to, that kindness in his heart never faded. Although he was regarded as a pariah by his village, he still fought to defend them the bandits that roamed the wilds that had been abandoned by the government officials. Wielding his predecessor's blade and fighting in an elegant style that had been honed on the battlefield, Shin-Ah's love of Ao and loyalty to his memory kept him cloistered in that village...for, Ao gave his entire being to defending them despite never receiving any gratitude for it.

Kindness doesn't require words. It requires heartfelt actions and an understanding of the world outside of oneself. Shin-Ah, despite living as a pariah within the village, was able to observe everything around him with the power of the Dragon Eyes and knew exactly what to do and what not to do in order to maintain the peace between himself and the others in the village. He was able to make a single friend in the form of a tiny squirrel he rescued from a rainstorm-- a squirrel he named after Ao in memory of everything that the towering man had taught him. He kept bells he had found on his mask for fourteen years both in memory of Ao, who had died utterly blind and utterly human, and to let the others of the village know where he was in the caverns.

The bells spoke for him, because he had learned to be silent.

A second word that was used to describe Shin-Ah before he was named was Night. Fitting, for the power of the Dragon Eyes allow him to see in utter darkness. In memory of Ao and his misplaced loyalty to the village that had raised him due to not knowing of any other options, Shin-Ah added a heavily furred headdress to his mask as he grew older and stronger. Wielding Ao's guardless blade and seen from the shadows alone, Shin-Ah in sillhouette had come to resemble his predecessor despite forgetting his face over the long years in the darkness. The decision of the village elders to move to the caverns was decided not long after Ao's death, after Shin-Ah took the one course of action that Ao had warned him to never take: he used the full power of the Dragon Eyes on a group of bandits who had attacked the village, made their hearts seize with a look, and learned of the bleak darkness that had come with Seiryuu's legacy-- learned to fear it, and stay in the darkness of ignorance rather than seeking answers.

Remaining in the dark, literally and metaphorically, was easier for Shin-Ah than risking putting his life in danger and his heart being broken again. And, when he encountered Kija for the first time in those caverns, he took the only course of action he knew and ran.

His reticence and uncertainty with the unknown, made that much broader by the sheer amount of what his education as an individual lacked-- from basic social skills to knowing when it was appropriate to use his words and speak-- met it's match when Yona's presence all but literally cut through the darkness with the light of the sun.

Because, finally, the Moonlight after which he is named can only shine due to the light of the sun. Despite his lack of knowledge of social norms, how to interact with people on a normal basis, and even the basics of a child's education, Yona took note of the level of empathy and understanding he displayed in the caves, even when surrounded by people who hated him for existing. In that moment when his mask fell off and the villagers were terrified of what could happen, Shin-Ah said nothing-- and everything. In closing his eyes, retrieving his mask, and silently setting to work at the wall he knew to be the closest means of an exit, he displayed his understanding of the villager's fear that echoed his own and his ability to see the solution to the problems around them in the broader picture.

Like the moon, inoffensive and nonjudgemental in the sky, he sees all and takes note of all. He is incredibly observant, for he notices the pallor of Yona's complexion that was indicative of a fever before the others in their group did. He sees dangers on the horizon and offers a few pointed words of warning, or a sketch in the dirt of a symbol he saw on a distant sign for the others to see-- for his lack of education means that he never learned how to read. And, like how the moonlight waxes and wanes, and the moon metaphorically goes into hiding, Shin-Ah is still hesitant to show his face even months after being on the road and experiencing a world he only ever saw in the distance.

Part of his reasons are for his own fears, for he dislikes it when attention is called to him unnecessarily, and part of his reasons are due to his own loyalty to the painful traditions he grew up with. Although the memories aren't kind ones, the mask itself is a 'memento' in his own words. It's a comfort...and, even when he's not wearing it, he still covers his eyes with a bandage to avoid drawing attention to himself.

However, that isn't to say that he won't defend himself or what's his with all the tools at his disposal. He won't hesitate to use the terrible paralytic powers of his eyes if Yona or their other comrades are put in danger, despite his own fears and how he risks losing himself to the rage of the Dragon every time he tries...because, in his mind, the welfare of his own person isn't as important as the welfare of those around him. Although child-like in his social skills and understanding, he doesn't want to endanger the people he cares about and what's important to them.

If it's for the sake of rescuing his friends, he will even risk losing himself to his Dragon blood in a heartbeat. So long as the friends who have become a family to him are safe, he doesn't really care about what happens to his own person...for better, or worse.

Abilities: The first and foremost skill set that is passed down to the Seiryuu of each generation are the abilities of his Dragon Eyes. Although unknown to him through out his entire life, his talents are the same as the legendary Seiryuu Abi from King Hiryuu's time. Thanks to the blood of the Blue Dragon that flows through his veins, Shin-Ah is capable of seeing across far distances and through solid objects as clearly as if he were there in person. He can also see perfectly in the dark, and his hand-eye coordination is so finely honed that he is able to dive into a river and catch a fish bare handed.

Beyond the obvious visual capabilities, however, is the fact that Shin-Ah is able to paralyze his foes with his gaze-- to the point where their very hearts stop beating, and his enemies see themselves being devoured by a terrible, murderous dragon that cannot be placated. This particular skill is something he rarely uses, as he has barely any control of the rage that boils forth from the Dragon's Blood, and he loses himself underneath the Dragon's will due to his own fear and his lack of understanding or training to control it.

His predecessor, who came to be known as Ao, strictly instructed Shin-Ah to never use the powers of his eyes because of how terrible they are, and because they are a double-edged sword. Whatever Shin-Ah inflicts upon his enemies is also inflicted upon himself after he uses his powers, and his own body is left paralyzed for days on end.

To compensate for this, Shin-Ah learned how to handle a blade through the trials of necessity and actual battle. Thanks to his visual skills, he is able to so carefully strike with his hands or slash with his blade that his swordplay style is described as 'elegant'. Shin-Ah wastes no movement just like he wastes no words, and the efficiency and grace of his movements serve as one of the inspirations that Yona tries to incorporate into her own swordplay.

Alignment: Sosyn. On first glance, and in almost all interactions, Shin-Ah appears to be a very calm individual. His facial expression (on the parts that the viewer can see) rarely changes, which often serves to reinforce this. Some of this relative calm, even in his moments of confusion, can be possibly due to Shin-Ah's emotional immaturity relative to the others. Having grown up in near total isolation, and having accepted that he would have little impact on his fate for most of his life, it's entirely possible that he simply doesn't understand the full extent of his emotions.

That said, the rage of those who bear the eyes of Seiryuu is terrible to behold. There is a part deep inside of Shin-Ah that hates the grotesque pleasure that the Dragon Blood in his veins takes in rending the lives of his foes when it awakens in the heat of combat, and it's a facet of himself that he struggles with every time his powers are called into play. Anger is as much a part of Seiryuu's legacy as the all expansive vision of his Dragon Eyes.

Other: Coming with Shin-Ah is his little animal companion, a squirrel called Ao, if that is something that is allowable. She is sweet and affectionate, and rarely leaves the side of people associated with the Happy Hungry Bunch.


General Sample: Top Level for December's TDM

Emotion Sample: Seiryuu and Hakuryuu vs. Spicy Ice Cream.

Questions: Would you like me to draw up a permission's post for Shin-Ah's powers? They're not something he is likely to use on PCs, or ever in the game unless it's a last ditch try for victory, but it's worth asking.
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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: It's impossible not to notice Shin-Ah in his daily wear, between the heavy clothes, the furred headdress, and the mask that he insists on wearing even after accepting that his newfound 'family' isn't afraid of him. However, for as obvious he is in the scene, he moves as quietly as a shadow-- and stays in the background like one as well.
♚ FASHION: His fashion is the entire reason why he stands out so much, largely due to the ornate mask and headdress that he wears nearly all the time. During moments when he knows he needs to blend in, however, he will remove the mask and instead choose to cover his eyes with a blindfold.

No, this doesn't seem to impede his vision at all.
♚ DEMEANOUR: For how much Shin-Ah lingers on the outskirts of every group like a shadow, he is undeniably kind to everyone and everything he encounters. Placing the needs of others is always first and foremost in his mind, as a way to try to make up for the supposed 'curse' his presence was upon his village. He harbors no ill will toward anyone, even those who made his childhood a living hell.
♚ AURAL: Quiet, like a shadow. Shin-Ah primarily communicates through his body language, as he learned quickly as a child that his words would never get through to the people of his village. Even now, after he's been removed from the situation, his words are hesitant and halting during the moments when he does speak to others, but it voice is soft and warm, like the moonlight he's named after.
♚ OLFACTORY: Dirt, dust, sweat from travelling. If he's in a stable environment, however, he will make efforts to keep himself clean...but he always smells a little like the caves he came from.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Shin-Ah, besides the Dragon blood, is physically and mentally fairly ordinary. He does possess a connection to Yona and the other Dragons to the point where he is able to detect their presence, but besides that there is little of note.

It's entirely possible that Shin-Ah doesn't know how to read, due to his being unable to identify the signs around an Onsen he spotted and how he resorted to drawing out the symbol on the sign in the dirt for his friends to see.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Shin-Ah carries the blood of the Blue Dragon that has been passed down through his village for the last 2,000 years. His birthright from it is his Dragon Eyes, which give him an unlimited range of vision and, if he wills it, can paralyze and outright kill his enemies with his gaze. Using the latter ability comes at a steep price, however, for what he delivers upon his enemies is also delivered upon himself-- he will survive, but will be paralyzed and completely unable to move for an extended period afterward. Those who are caught in his gaze at this point may find themselves before a massive dragon that is trying to devour them...

He also seems to have the ability to commune with the deceased to an extent, for he willingly allowed the spirit of a Blue Dragon that the generations forgot to take his body for a day-- out of sympathy for the pain that the spirit endured during his life.


♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Go ahead. Shin-Ah may be awkward with it and not know what to do, but it it's not a surprise he may be willing to reciprocate to a degree.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Yes, but Shin-Ah will retaliate if necessary. If pushed far enough, Shin-Ah is quite capable with handling a blade and, if he runs out of options to defend those he cares about, he may be forced to use his magical abilities as they are delineated above.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: I'm primarily looking for friendly, platonic relationships with him. If something comes up, we can discuss it.

☄ Permissions

Shin-Ah's abilities are listed above. Although they do not include mind control, there is entirely the possibility of someone coming out mentally scarred if Shin-Ah is forced to use them as a last resort in a fight. Otherwise, he is able to see great distances regardless of obstacles that are in the way. He isn't liable to use this skill for untoward reasons, but there may be points when he needs to seek someone out

If either of these things make you uncomfortable, let me know here. If anyone tries to instigate a fight with him ICly, I will also direct them here so that they are aware of what they are getting into.


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